"A Print Ready/Zine Club collaboration.
Spiritual Pilgrimage is a website and publication comprised of digital photography compiled through online submissions. A pilgrimag is typically a search of spiritual significance; it is often a journey to a location of importance to a person’s faith. For this project, artists from Zine Club and Print Ready examine a metaphorical journey into their own rituals, daily lives and spiritual experiences. Images are curated directly from a live folder and feed the project website, where photographs are randomly formatted for publication.Print copies of the publication are available on demand from zineclub.org." (Sylvana dAngelo)


Photograph from Spiritual Pilgrimage on display as part of Capture Photography Festival 2017
Roshanak Amini
Sylvana dAngelo
Ryan Ming
Alina Senchenko

Print Ready & Zine Club
At WORM Rotterdam for Zine Camp - https://worm.org